Park Plaza Sushi- Purepoke Sushi Bowl & Roll

Purepoke Sushi Bowl & Roll

Park Plaza Sushi- Purepoke Sushi Bowl & Roll

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PurePoke Sushi Bowl & Roll is a Japanese restaurant in Frisco that serves fresh rice bowls, sushi rolls and craft beverages. Made with care daily, they graciously and humbly share their good eats & drinks with you. Visit them today for the freshest Japanese food and sushi in Frisco!

Operating Hours:
Mon-Sat: 10:30a-8:30p, Sun: closed

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Conveniently located within the community of Grapevine, Park Plaza has a nice array of big-name stores and local establishments to serve area residents with the best shopping, fine food venues, and retail stores with many great finds at bargain rates.

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