Best Ways to Relax in Frisco at Park Plaza

After a long week taking care of personal responsibilities, there’s nothing like finding time to unwind and let go of the tension in your body. There are several refreshing ways to relax in Frisco. Here are some of our favorite ways to relax in Frisco with Park Plaza.

Triple Crown Salon

One of the best ways to feel confident with a new hairstyle while also taking a day off to relax in Frisco is with Triple Crown Salon in Park Plaza. There is nothing that makes you feel as ready to take on the world as a new hairstyle! Your hairdresser should be your best friend, so it’s important to start building a positive relationship as soon as possible. Triple Crown Salon is the best spot to wind down with a new friend and get a confidence building look. To set up an appointment, give them a call at (214) 794-1723

Enjoy Comfort Food in Frisco

Relaxing in Frisco can be as simple as meeting up with loved ones and enjoying a good meal together at Park Plaza. Treat the people you care about to a hand-crafted pizza and a beer at Newk’s Eatery. Taking the time to enjoy a conversation and eating a great meal both have a relaxing effect on your mind, so why not have them together?

Relax in Frisco with Great Cocktails

Sometimes you don’t even have to get food. You just need a few good friends gathered around with drinks in hand to catch up and reconnect. Getting a couple of cocktails with your favorite people at The Frisco Bar & Grill is a great way to unwind after an extra-long week.

Take a look at the Park Plaza directory to find other ways to relax in Frisco! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or concerns about Park Plaza. We are always here at Northwest of Gaylord Parkway and North Dallas Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034 to help make relaxing in Frisco as easy as possible.

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